I constantly challenge
myself to solve problems
from scratch.


Nice to meet you!

Hi, I’m Jianing, a fan of Apple.
I am an iOS developer and also do some web development. Not good at talking, I prefer to be immersed in my own world and program with music. Because of Apple, I started to like beautifully designed things.

Starting with iOS development

My programming career started with iOS development. The first thing I learned was the Swift language. I highly recommend you to use Swift as your first language.

Dedicated to becoming a T-type talent

T-type means that someone has a wide range of technologies and is specialized in a certain field. After learning iOS development for a period of time, I began to try to learn web-side development and some other technologies.


Programming from design

When I have any good ideas or thoughts in my mind, I am more used to opening Sketch instead of Xcode first. With the continuous design, the programming ideas have become clear gradually.

If you are interested

You can read more articles from my blog.

You can contact me on Twitter @Ji4n1ng

Email me if you need anything.

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